Fantasy Premier League cheat sheet - 10 tips to dominate the mini leagues (2023)

Fantasy Premier League is not a complex game. But sometimes we complicate it by making biased wrong decisions and not using the right data and information to select players.

When building or upgrading FPL teams, consider yourself a manager, not a fan! You can't pick a player just because you like them or because they play for your favorite team.

The same applies to captain options. There should be a strategy or checklist of things to go through before setting up or making any changes to a device.

We've put together a checklist of 10 tips, basically a fantasy premier league cheat sheet, that could help you pick the right players and dominate your friends and family's mini-leagues:

Top 10 Fantasy Premier League-Tipps

1. Be a good trader

From the start of the season to the end there are 3 things that will make you a good trader in the Fantasy Premier League:

  1. Intelligent use of resources:Everyone starts out with a starting budget of £100m, but how you spend that budget on players will determine the future value of your team. The goal is not only to increase the value of the team, but also to collect a lot of points. And it only works out with a mixtureBudget-Gamerjbest fpl playerson your team Cheap players are those that cost less but have the potential to score big goals.
  2. Lower bank costs:Make sure you don't overspend on players who sit on your bench all the time. It will be a waste of budget. Only at times like Christmas, when there are weeks of doubles battles due to Boxing Day football and then New Year's Games, can you make certain exceptions and use chips as bank boosters to set up a 15-man team to play.
  3. Choosing the Right Players for the Right Opportunities:Keep an eye on players in shape. There are some players who score a lot of points in certain months, e.g. Harry Kane in the second month of the league season or Son towards the end of the season. Keep an eye out for these patterns and pick players for opportunities. Also, you can target some players based on their upcoming games, e.g. B. Keep track of 3-5 upcoming games of your players.

2. Use statistics

Numbers are very important. They are the only parameter we can use to predict whether a player will do well in the future or not.

When making team selections or making transfers, you have hundreds of different types of stats available to view. Use them to build a strong team.

Some important stats to watch out for are upcoming games, player form, team form and how full the team schedule is so you don't risk a player being benched for recovery.

Use them and dominate your mini league.

3. Learn from the best

The Fantasy Premier League has oneTwitter pageand many other platforms likethe discoverer. Stay up to date with your news and the latest reports on FPL.

It will help you a lot to improve the team. Their experts do a phenomenal job of gathering the most relevant and useful data for players and clubs that can really help in improving your team.

4. Have a plan

Planning is very important in the Fantasy Premier League. You can't get a great score without planning. Keep an eye out for upcoming games and plan accordingly. Limit your commander options and don't give the armband to some weird player just to look cool. Or get ready for a 25 point game week.

Planning will save your team from all those bad game weeks, and with the right choice of captain, you will almost certainly have good results even on a game week when averages are low.

5. Embrace the bookmakers

Keep an eye on the odds. Bookmakers are very knowledgeable people. They only inject cash after checking the biggest possible odds. But they make you make things exciting. Control what they ask people to wager.

Asking people to bet on a player to score, stay clean or be the next player to score or assist is certainly cheating and you should choose that player wisely for your team.

If they ask to bet on a hat-trick, it means that the player is favorable to have him in his team and has a chance to score at least one goal.

Even though it is a team bet and people are asked to bet on Man City or Liverpool or Chelsea to score 5 goals in a game, there are certainly goals in the game.

You need to activate your mind on every bet and translate these suggestions into improving your Fantasy Premier League team.

6. Get a little help

Whether you're stuck on a transfer or not sure who to captain, take a look. See what the transmission trends are. Who is the most popular captain or the most voted player or the fittest player?

This knowledge will help you in making decisions. The difficulty of props in upcoming games is also an indicator of whether a player should be traded or not.

7. Keep an eye out for upcoming games

Always choose your team with the upcoming games in mind. When you sign a player, you usually have to calculate 4-5 weeks of playing time.

There's rarely a matchup that you need a player for that particular week.

That being said, you should always keep at least one game month in mind when making your signings, because the longer you have players on your team, the easier it will be for you to field a strong XI every game week.

And if there's an injury, you don't have to rely on players who can give at most 2 points or are even questionable to start a game.

8. Keep a low group of captains

The captain is the most important player in your Fantasy Premier League team. He alone can save your game week.

Don't experiment with a different captain every week, that way you reduce the chance of getting the best out of your bracelet player. And the chance to score big in a game week.

Review the following details before choosing an FPL Captain:

  • Who are you playing against?
  • Is there an injured player on the opposing team? Will it increase the chances of their captain scoring a great goal?
  • Is your captain informed?
  • Are you a consistent performer with an 8+ FPL Form Score?

If your potential captain does all of these checks, there is a very small chance that he will not perform.

9. Use tiles wisely

Unlike the Wild Card, which you get twice in a season, tokens like Triple Captain can only be used once during the season. While Bench Boost can be played twice per season, it cannot be played in consecutive game weeks.

Not using those chips at the right time and postponing them until late or early in the season are bad approaches.

Use your tokens when they are most useful, such as B. Double Play Weeks. And don't forget to use your first wildcard before January, because if it's not used by halfway through the season, it will expire.

10. Early wild card

The wild card is a special chip in Fantasy Premier League that you can use twice in a season, once before the winter transfer window and once after the winter transfer window. Wildcards allow you to make unlimited transfers for a single week of play.

If your team isn't performing early, use the wild card as a fantasy wild card trick in the Premier League. Activate it early, around week two or three of gameplay, and save your team before the damage is fully done.

Also, after a week or two of each season, we know what the season's real deals are.

Remember Dele Alli, Riyad Mahrez and Harry Kane from their early Premier League seasons? All were available for less than £6.5million.

Usually in the second or third week of the season we come across a £4.0m defender who goes on and sets up a team for the full season. Such deals can easily make your team strong. You bank, budget, and sign the big shots.

This£4.0m defenderThey're the supersubs who can save your game week when a player isn't a starter in their 11th game and their first and second pick benches are unavailable or injured in any way.

Signing them straight away with an early season wildcard will also add value to your team as they won't stay at £4.0million for more than a week or two.

Find it all in the Fantasy Premier League cheat sheet and our top 10 Fantasy Premier League tips.

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