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If your fantasy league wants to go beyond cash and brag about rights this season, the answer is to add an awesome fantasy football trophy. A champion's trophy can say to your league mates, "I'm better than you, and here's the hardware to prove it!"

At the same time, for those who don't like fantasies, a loser's trophy can be an enduring symbol of shattered dreams, seasons marred by injury or blatant incompetence. For some, desperately trying to avoid an embarrassing result can make those last few games fun for everyone, even those whose playoff hopes were unceremoniously dashed in Week 8.

Improving your league team is a task not to be taken lightly. So take some time to review your options and figure out which trophy is right for you. The following are the gridiron experts' favorite fantasy football trophies. We also have some tips in this article to help you choose the best price if you are undecided.

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Truth: A trophy expands your league

Most fantasy football fans will think that getting a trophy like one of these elite awards is overkill, overkill if you will. Here at Gridiron Experts we know for sure that prize money can come and go, but an impressive fantasy football trophy boasts rights for at least 8 months before the season starts again.

Just think of the photos you can take. Post a photo of yourself and one of these amazing prizes on your Facebook page and let your fellow players eat your heart out of your fingers. You can even have fun with it like the traveling gnome. Snap photos of you walking around town with your new friend. Mock the league with lots of fun. There are hundreds of things you can do to annoy your league mates, but for some, simply placing a trophy on your desk or shelf is enough.

Having a fantasy league crown also increases the level of competition. At the end of the season, create an award you'll be proud to hold in the air. I've read many times on Twitter that people think the guys on "The League" are amateurs with their eight-man minor league and end-of-season prize money, but what drives that competitiveness on the show? The Shiva. Your league needs a Shiva. Enter the symbol. Seriously, a trophy strengthens the league and takes things to the next level.

If you want to make it big and your league agrees to cut back on that pot of sweet prize money, these impressive trophies are for you.

Fantasy Football Trophy Ideas

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Trofeo Fantasy Football Lombardi

When your league has a competitive advantage and a long tradition, the Lombardi Trophy is a real achievement. This is the type of award that can be given out each year or passed from one winner to another. I found a similar onetrophy on amazon, but it seems a bit cheaper. This particular model is available,Trusted by Gridiron experts to be our top recommended source for trophies for their league.


  • Laser etched FFL logo above "Fantasy Football League Champion" text.
  • 9″ and 14″ versions available
  • Can be used as a standalone trophy or attached to a base (not included)

buy now

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der Grillkelch

This is a more traditional looking trophy. When you close your eyes and think of a big beautiful trophy, I don't know about you, but that's what comes to mind. This is another recommendation from FantasyJocks, mainly because you can get a custom engraving on the Fantasy Trophy. You can enter the name of the league or the name and year the champion won.


  • The metal cup is 6" tall (9" measured from the bottom of the base) and weighs just under 2 pounds.
  • The wooden base measures 4.75″ x 2.75″. Suitable for up to 15 years previous champion plate.
  • Black and white engraved faceplate for adding your league name or trophy
  • Includes FREE Champion Plate Engraving with purchase

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El Trofeo Fantasy Football Armchair

This trophy tells the story without having to ask. If it was on someone's desk, passers-by would immediately know it was for fantasy football. The stereotypical term "chair" doesn't do justice to jumping out of the chair on every touchdown. I don't know about you guys but there have been a lot of games where I've been running back and forth with a few points left. This is a cool trophy though, perfect for any league format.


  • Includes FREE laser engraving with purchase
  • The trophy and base are 12" tall and weigh just under 3 pounds

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The Fantasy Crown Trophy

This fantasy football trophy screams family league fun to me. My kids are too young to play in my league for long, but when they're old enough I can see them wishing this was the championship prize they pose with on Instagram or Facebook. This FF trophy is larger than it appears and comes with an engraved plaque.

  • Trophy measures just over 12" with football/wreath at 8" and base at 4".
  • It weighs just under 4 pounds and can accommodate up to 18 year old eternal champions.
  • Black and white engraved faceplate for adding your league name or trophy
  • Includes FREE Plate Engraving at time of purchase

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Anpassbare 26″-56″ Fantasy Football Trophy

Look at that thing! This isn't your ordinary fantasy football league trophy, this is for the big time. I suppose those looking to build a league of high rollers at home or in the office could snag this trophy and make it their championship for years to come. He is very professional and has plenty of room to add past, present and future champions to the trophy.


  • Available at Amazon. Free shipping in May!
  • TrophySmack will contact you after purchase for engraving details
  • At 14 lbs and 26"-56" tall, no other trophy on the market compares
  • Up to 19 years of FREE ENGRAVING with our solid wood base
  • High quality anodized metal columns with 4 colors to choose from
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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A trophy should match your league

A collection of multiple championship trophies will tell anyone who enters your home that you're a winner. Of course, if you're consistently awesome, you risk filling your house with "too many" prizes...but isn't that a risk you're willing to take?

Some of these prizes have slots to add slots for future winners, but the problem is you might beat them. The pint glass fantasy football trophy is cool, as is the infamous armchair fantasy trophy. Both are unique in their own way and suit the piece. However, you must decide what type of league your fantasy group is; Sounds like fun, but when they take things too seriously, they want elite hardware. Ditto for a fun, casual league. Don't overdo it if you have a large group of friends or co-workers. Be sure to choose the fantasy trophy that best defines your league.

You want the owners of your league to yearn for the championship.

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The Evolution of Fantasy Trophies: The Championship Belt

Things got real.

The Fantasy Football Championship Belt is the definition of a champion. He goes where you go and can make a hilarious appearance year-round to ruin league owners' trust. Your league can also use the belt as a league theme, e.gOld school WWF wrestling. Each person takes on a role like Jake the Snake, Macho Man or Ultimate Warrior. This belt is a lot of fun and pretty good value compared to the other trophies listed.

Click heresee more Fantasy Championship Belts

"Heads Up Losers: You Suck, Here's Your Prize"

When someone asks, "Is that poop on that trophy?" You reply, "Yeah, but the real crap was on your list last season."

Your league must award one of these awards with some sort of humiliating punishment. Of course, don't overdo it; We're all friends here, but make sure to add some sort of public announcement to the price. Make sure people know he/she was terrible. Be a good girl and have fun, maybe you'll be next ;)

All theseFantasy football trophiescan be found on Amazon. I've researched a dozen trophy websites and most of them sell their products on Amazon due to fast shipping. You could try making your own out of a cheap old football helmet or spend the day carving wood, but time is money and it's better to buy one and have it shipped to your home.

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James Brauer

James is a die-hard fantasy football fan who has been playing for over 20 years. He doesn't have a favorite team, mainly because he moved around a lot as a kid. This must lead to many fantasy championships as James draws with his head, not his heart. James also plays a lot of Dynasty Football and loves DFS and picking games. He's excited to see where he can go to write for Gridiron Experts.

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