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The standard poodle has a long history - stretching back 400 years in Russia and Germany - depicted in 15th-century paintings and 1st-century bas-reliefs.
The topic of where the dog was officially developed is up for debate, and no one knows the true country of origin of the breed, but this breed is believed to have originated in Germany or Russia.

What is certain is that poodles are descended from the now extinct French water dog, the barbet, and possibly the Hungarian water dog.
The name "Pudel" probably comes from the German word "Pudel", which means "the one who plays in the water". Poodles were also called "Caniche" by the French, which means "duck dog".

The "poodle clip" was developed by hunters to help dogs swim more efficiently. They cut/shaved all the fur except the joints and organs to protect these areas from the icy water from which they retrieved the fallen birds. Poodles are exceptional retrievers, willing, focused and soft-mouthed partners to bring birds back to their masters unharmed.

The Germans and Russians discovered that poodles were excellent hunters in discovering valuable truffles that lay underground in forests.

Poodles have webbed feet that were developed to retrieve fallen birds from icy waters.

The poodle is known to have the largest brain per skull size of any dog ​​breed and is an excellent watchdog with its instinct to sense anger, alert and react. They instinctively stay close to each family member, especially young children, keeping calmly alert and protecting them from harm.

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The myth that they are "barkers" is false. Poodles alert their owners to strangers and become excessively agitated when living with nervous and worried owners.

The Poodles' talent extended to their ability to impress audiences as circus performers across Europe.

All poodles were bred to have the same temperaments and characteristics. Today all 3 sizes are officially recognized in all national clubs. Miniature and Miniature Poodles were bred to be "smaller" than their original cousins, the Standard Poodle. They are considered one breed and are judged according to the same written standard, but with different size requirements.

Breeders also breed an intermediate size called the Miniature Poodle (Moyen Poodle) and a smaller Teacup Poodle.

This versatile breed excels in many areas including hunting/retrieval, agility, flyball, guard dog, competitive obedience and impresses us as both tricksters and performers.

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• Extremely intelligent, the largest brain per skull of any dog ​​makes this breed the smartest in many arenas including hunting, retrieving and dog sports.
• A great watchdog that anticipates trouble and danger against any member of the family.
• Agile, sporty and elegant.
• Playful, dignified personality, friendly, loyal ~ makes a great family pet.
• Great with kids ~ a natural protector that sticks around to protect young children.
• Great with other pets.
• Hypoallergenic ~ a great dog for allergy sufferers.
•Requires a lot of grooming as they don't shed - therefore regular professional grooming.
• Quiet nature, no "barking".
• Requires regular physical and mental stimulation.
• It's not good to be alone ~ you will suffer from separation anxiety.
•Easy to train.
• A great apartment/condominium dog, even for its size.
•Healthy and known to live over 17 years.


The Standard Poodle is considered to be the most intelligent of all breeds. They have the largest brain per skull size of any dog. They are intelligent, loyal and adaptable dogs, have a cheerful and playful personality and are often described as having a great sense of humour. They even make a great companion dog.

This can be difficult for owners who are new to the breed, as owners often laugh at their poodles' antics and the dog will actually interpret this laugh as a compliment for the behavior. An extremely intelligent and highly trainable dog, Poodles need mental stimulation and positive behaviors taught or they will learn on their own and owners may not like what they learn. Many Poodle owners talk about dogs that know how to step on the fridge or even open a bag and pull out treats. However, as poodles are eager to learn, new owners won't find it difficult to channel that energy.

The Standard Poodle is very territorial, making them excellent watchdogs that will alert you to danger with a loud, powerful bark, but the Standard Poodle is not meant to be a barking dog and should generally have a very balanced temperament. A very adaptable dog, the Poodle will happily snuggle at your feet while you watch TV, but is also willing to take you on a walk at any time. You must exercise daily to stay happy and healthy; a daily walk of 30-60 minutes is preferred. They should have a cheerful and proud demeanor, even prancing. Poodles are great with children and other dogs, and the more socialization they receive as puppies, the more outgoing and comfortable they become as adults. Poodles are one of the few breeds that seem to recognize other members of their own breed. The way these dogs play is more bouncy and very different from other dogs. When two poodles get a chance to play together, they get really excited.

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Because of their hunting history, poodles tend to have a strong hunting drive, which often manifests itself as a desire to hunt any squirrel in the vicinity. They can be habituated to small domestic animals such as cats. It is advised that you take every precaution when introducing your poodle to a cat so that no one gets hurt and a positive precedent is set. The best way to train a dog is with a cat. Poodles can be taught to accept small animals as part of the pack and even protect them as part of the family. Unlike some dogs, poodles can bond with the whole family, not just one person. They are cannibals and love to be by your side throughout the day.

personal hygiene

The quality of the Poodle's coat that does not change means that it requires a lot of grooming. It's best to brush your poodle's coat every week to prevent matting and to remove any burrs or twigs from the coat after every outdoor adventure. These sessions can be very enjoyable and a good opportunity to bond with your dog and examine him for cuts or abnormalities. Start grooming your dog as soon as you adopt him to ensure grooming doesn't become a dreaded or uncomfortable experience.

Every 4-6 weeks your dog will need to be taken to a groomer to clean and trim his coat. New owners should be prepared to pay between $35 and $50 or more per grooming session. The price depends on the size of the dog and the condition of the coat at the time of delivery, as well as the area where you live. An aspiring owner can try to take care of his dog himself, but it can be quite complicated and difficult to master.

The style is entirely up to you. I have had Standard Poodles and cut my male dog like an Airedale Terrier. It turned out beautiful and we received many compliments. There is also a style called Corded that creates a unique look. It's more like "dreadlocks" in humans, but it can be difficult to maintain.

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a practice

They should be given a daily walk to burn off excess energy and keep them calm and manageable indoors. A daily walk of 30 minutes to an hour should do the trick, but a round of fetch in the backyard or park will also help.


The Standard Poodle is highly intelligent and easy to train.

As the dog training saying goes, "You can't teach anything", even if you don't know what you're teaching your dog, there's a good chance he'll learn something from you. Get your hands on this right away and don't let your dog learn any bad behavior. By actively choosing what you teach your poodle, you can avoid situations where your dog will learn destructive behaviors before you even know it. There are many rejected dogs being thrown into shelters and rescues for reasons that could have been avoided. You'll find training with a poodle at your side easy and rewarding. Talk to your local Kennel Club or the Humane Society to find out which groups offer dog training classes in your area.

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