19 Fantasy Football penalties for finishing last (2023)

19 Fantasy Football penalties for finishing last (1)

Here are the 19 funniest penalties for the owner who finishes last in your Fantasy Football League. The last three will have you rolling on the floor laughing and imagining your friends doing those things.


Fantasy Soccer Loser Ideas

19 Fantasy Football penalties for finishing last (2)Fantasy football leagues are extremely diverse in every way. Things that can vary from league to league include the scoring system, league type, draft style, and pretty much every other way imaginable. If you're interested in adding something fun or new to your league, consider adding a penalty to the last place finisher. Adding a penalty is not only fun, but also creates something for last-place teams to compete over.

Here's a list of 19 potential penalties to consider for your own leagues.

19. The Beer Boy

I wanted to use another five letter word that starts with B, but we'll keep it fancy in this article. The beer boy should be dressed in an outfit that pleases the champion during the following season's draft. While wearing this outfit at the keg, the Beerman is responsible for buying and serving all drinks to other owners while recording the names for the entire keg on the draft board.

18. The wax

In this punishment, the last place has to go to a local beautician (a person who depilates people) and wax her beautiful booty. You should also invite everyone to participate (viewing the southern region is optional). This way, all league members enjoy the pain of the losers while the loser gets silky smooth buttocks.

17. The piercing

We use shiny items like medals and trophies to reward the champion in sport. So why not punish the owner who finished last right away? Last year's winner gets to choose any piercing, and the owner who finishes last gets to choose only the piercing location. "You'll feel a little pinch."

16. El Pathfinder

Is there anything cuter than a kid in his Boy Scout outfit selling lemonade on the corner? How about the fantasy football league loser who wears a Boy Scout uniform and sells lemonade on the corner? Anyway, you get the gist. The loser has to sit at the lemonade stand until their lemonade runs out or the streetlights come on and the loser has to go home.

15. Open mic comedy

Is there anything better than watching a friend make a fool of themselves in front of a few strangers and a few close friends? Certain things are more fun with friends, and this idea is fun for everyone. Everyone thinks they're funny to a certain extent, but this is a great reality check and a fantastic night out with your friends while you watch the worst stand-up comedy owner at a comedy club make a fool of himself.

14. Der Hue-Jackson

While I'm not sure Hue Jackson ever did, he claimed he would jump into Lake Erie if the Browns went 0-16. This punishment follows the same path. The loser puts on his best clothes, preferably a suit, and jumps into a local lake or pond. If you live in the northern part of America, you can let the loser do it while it's still cold for an additional penalty.

13. The little person

This can be a bit difficult for most, but this penalty forces the loser to be handcuffed to a small person for the entire draft of the following season. This is not only fun but also pain for the loser. It limits their mobility, and if you have the right little person for the job, it'll make the experience for the tail lights that much worse.

19 Fantasy Football penalties for finishing last (3)

12. The fireman

Every year you see committed women and firefighters at a busy traffic light asking for donations. So this punishment requires the owner to buy a very revealing firefighter costume and wear it at the busiest stoplight in town. They'll be holding up a big sign that says something like "I suck at Fantasy Football." While working in the corner he or she must try to get donations from anyone who wants to help this poor soul get any advice possible. The money collected will be donated to the league of your choice.

11. The Laundry League

Pick out your dirtiest jerseys, stinkiest socks and nastiest underwear and let your league loser do a load of your laundry. That not only weighs on the loser, but on every member of the league. Clothing must be collected from each person's home, cleaned, folded and returned. No clothes are banned, just remember you could end up last next season.

10. SA

How many people remember the SAT? Now how many people think about ending it and say I'll never have to endure anything that awful again. Well, think again. The owner must request and take the SATs and pay for all that is included. You must provide proof of attendance and end up with at least 700 on the SAT, or you must bring all owners to the bar for at least one drink. During the SAT, they must wear an outfit chosen by the league champion.

19 Fantasy Football penalties for finishing last (4)

9. Grab Bag

If this is a mystery I can't tell you what's in the bag but I can give you an idea. Each owner writes a punishment on a piece of paper. So if there are ten teams, only the last owner does not issue a penalty and leaves nine sheets of paper in his pocket. The penalties can be as cruel as you want, but remember that next year you might end up in last place. Each owner reaches into the bag and what is pulled out is the punishment for the owner who finished last.

8. The NFL Combination

When we think of funny pictures from the NFL Combine, Tom Brady comes to mind. So this punishment requires the owner to go through the entire NFL combo process. From the exam by a licensed doctor, to the embarrassing photo in her underwear, to the actual exercises. Help,Go here for all combo exercises. Track each owner's time and reward the best drilling times and penalize the worst over the years.

19 Fantasy Football penalties for finishing last (5)

7. Tattoo

There's nothing more embarrassing than finishing last in your fantasy football league. So imagine a permanent reminder permanently etched into your skin for the rest of your life. Seriously, this exists and to prove it,

The owner who finishes last must request a tattoo of what the current year's champion wishes. The owner who finishes last can only choose the location and has to pay for the tattoo.

6. Miau

In honor of the upcoming release of Super Troopers 2, the loser must include the word "meow" in the conversation every time they converse. This is a 1 day penalty only and would be more appropriate for an annually rotating penalty. It's a relatively light punishment, but it's still fun and certainly won't go out of style.

19 Fantasy Football penalties for finishing last (6)

5. Sports Illustrated Body Issue-Kalender

Sports Illustrated Body Issue magazine was impressed from the start. So in this punishment, the loser has to create 12 photos from the current year's body issue and turn the photos into a calendar for all league members. Photos must be of high quality and extremely accurate. The loser has to pay for the calendars and possibly a photographer.

4. The playbook

Some people will understand and some will not.

Anyone who has watched How I Met Your Mother will understand what the playbook is and how much fun this punishment will be. For anyone who doesn't know or needs a refresherWatch this video here.

The league champion can choose one of the many ideas from The Playbook, and the owner who finishes last must do so. If he or she fails to complete The Playbook's ultimate goal, the owner must treat each owner to a drink just before the final call.

3. Make a music video

The league winner can choose any music video and the loser has to try their best to recreate the video. It doesn't end there. The loser must post every video he creates on every social media platform he has without comment. The loser is also prohibited from replying to comments. Essentially, the loser in the league posts the video and then leaves it alone for all of their friends to see and comment on.

2nd date night

If your league doesn't have a mascot, this punishment gives you a reason to have one. Go online or in your closet and get yourself an inflatable doll. Name her Donna, Shiva, or something fun for your league. After each season, the loser must take Donna to a restaurant chosen by the league winner. The loser has to treat Donna like a real person in order not to hurt her feelings and ask her for food and drink. The rest of the league is encouraged to attend and sit at a different table. This allows for photos and shaming on social media.

19 Fantasy Football penalties for finishing last (7)

1. Eyebrows of shame

I borrowed this idea from the popular Impractical Jokers series. The loser has to shave his eyebrows. After the eyebrows are gone, the loser must take a picture and set it as their profile picture until draft of the next season. That way, it's the punishment to remember forever.

This article was co-authored by Mitchell Renz and Derek Wiley

19 Fantasy Football penalties for finishing last (8)

19 Fantasy Football penalties for finishing last (9)

Derek Wiley

Father of a daughter and a son and husband of a wife. I have a healthy obsession with soccer and a not-so-healthy obsession with ice cream. I've followed the NFL closely for over a decade while working full-time, primarily as a police officer.

19 Fantasy Football penalties for finishing last (10)

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