10 Important Questions to Ask About the NFL Draft (Fantasy Football 2023) (2023)

With the Combine in the rearview mirror and the draft fast approaching, it's time to think about what teams really need from the draft and how that might impact our fantasy rosters for 2023 and beyond.

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10 NFL Draft Problems (Fantasy Football 2023)

How often can bears trade down?

The Bears are in the rare position of holding 1.01 while seemingly believing they have their franchise quarterback in place. By trading down once or twice, they can prepare for itJustin Fieldsto succeed in 2024 or 2025, or have enough recruiting capital so they can aggressively return to recruiting boards to acquire a quarterback should Fields not drop out. Fields deserves another year to see if his pass can make a leap after finishing 56th in EPA pass among 57 quarterbacks with 50-plus hits, but if he doesn't make it, the Bears have an excellent safety blanket. The Bears appear poised to pick a defensive player with their first pick, but adding a pick pool that allows them to direct the offensive line and passing options will help Fields significantly.

Justin Fields was QB5 in Fantasy last year, but his stint left a lot to be desired.

What would you like to see if the bears help you fix the problem?pic.twitter.com/hz87Rrrqdn

— The Fantasy Sanctuary (@TheFFSanctuary)March 8, 2023

Are the Seahawks standing on a quarterback?

The Seahawks seemed to compromiseGeno Smithat the quarterback when they signed him to a three-year contract before Smith came to free agency. However, the contract isn't big enough that it would prohibit them from picking a quarterback and developing him as long as Smith is the starter in 2023 at the earliest. The Seahawks haven't picked as well as their current pick, fifth overall, since 2009, and they've only had two top-five picks since 1995, so the organization would be remiss if they didn't at least look up. Defenders within your reach. Smith's contract was a great result for a player facing adversity, but it might not have been the most sensible approach for a team still in the process of rebuilding.

How many first round tight ends are selected?

During the Combine, several speakers repeatedly told us that this was one of the best tight end classes in years and that we might be surprised at how many are made on day one.Dalton KincaideMichael Mayerappears to be taking the lead in most simulated drafts, with Kincaid dropping just two balls in 108 receptions last year and Mayer offering good blocking skills as well as smooth hands on the receiving side. More and more tight ends are graduating from college as evolved pass catchers ready to adapt to the way NFL coaches use them today, and if not for injuries and bad offenses,Greg DulcicheChigoziem Okonkwocould have made a real impact in 2022. For some teams, however, a first-round pick for a tight end is out of the question, so we may see fewer first-round picks than we're led to believe.

Can any wide receiver make the top 10?

Currently, the consensus mock draft websites that track the many mock drafts online don't have any wide receivers in the top 10 picks, which would be the first time since 2020 that multiple receivers have been in those top 10 picks were not selected.Quentin JohnstoneJaxon Smith-Njigbaseem like the most likely names to raise draft plates, but a lackluster combine of wide receivers as a group hasn't increased demand for them, so teams can settle for not coming early.

I don't understand why Jaxon Smith-Njigba isn't WR's number 1 off the board. Also, I don't see him getting as far in mockery as he is currently doing.

He was an absolute stallion in a team with two first-rounders - Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave. Who cares about the 2022 injury season?

– Dwain McFarland (@dwainmcfarland)March 7, 2023

what is the heightSesame RobinsonAre you verbose?

There's no doubt that Bijan Robinson will be the first running back to be drafted this year. The only question that remains is: How high does a team make the pick? As of 2022, there was no running back in the first round, but Bijan Robinson has been the top running back prospect sinceSaquon Barkley, who was selected second overall in 2018. While this selection seems overblown in hindsight, elite running backs are hard to find, and while we continue to see teams unwilling to pay running backs long-term contracts, there's something to be said for an elite with a cost-controlled rookie - to have the contract back.

How do the Packers rebuild?

That seems inevitableAaron Rodgersis leaving the Packers this offseason, likely for the Jets, who will have to give up several draft picks to win the 39-year-old former MVP. The noise from Green Bay suggests they're content to move on.Jordan loveas quarterback in 2023, a sign that suggests they realize this team is more than a quarterback away from the competition and may instead seek to leverage the resources they have acquired from team deals for Rodgers, to expand that roster and prepare for a year where they are in a better competitive position. Wide receivers, tight ends, offensive tackle and defensive backs should be on Green Bay's wish list, not to mention that they shouldn't rule out a quarterback either.

Can the Ravens design the wide receiver they so desperately need?

Many question marks hang over the Ravens, and for a team unaccustomed to so much drama, they could win back the goodwill of their fans.Rashod Batemancouldn't stay healthy in his first two years in the league, and the Ravens' wide receiver space behind him was disastrously small, even for a team built on the run. With Todd Monken as offensive coordinator, the Ravens will likely be more pass-friendly than they have been in years, and signing at least one new wide receiver should be key. With the Ravens picking 23 over other receiver-hungry teams, including the Giants and Chargers, they may need to move up the draft to secure one of the top picks.

How farKayshon BoutteCair?

A year ago there were suggestions that Kayshon Boutte could be a first-round pick this year. After a season of scandals at LSU, rumors that he was told he wasn't welcome back, and then a poor Combine that crashed his draft roster, it seems fair to contemplate Boutte's draft early. Boutte has great tracking ability and could be a game changer in the NFL, but he's not selling very well right now.

LSU WR Kayshon Boutte didn't have a single measurement or test number in the 60th percentile or higher...


— Marcus Mosher (@Marcus_Mosher)March 7, 2023

Do the Saints draftby Alvin KamaraErsatz?

During the Combine, it was reported that the Saints were dealing with a large number of running backs, and it makes a lot of sense considering Alvin Kamara will be 28 by the start of the season and is facing legal troubles that could have a big impact. on your availability at the start of the season. The Saints have three top-72 picks in the draft and could look forward to an infusion of youngsters after fielding the league's oldest roster in 2022.Jahmyr Gibbsis an equal substitute for Kamara, but the Saints may choose someone to complement him.

How Washington is building aroundSam Howell, if any?

The Commanders became the last team to move awayCarson WentzWhen the season is over, and if you believe the words they utter, they will feel confident going into the 2023 season with Sam Howell in the middle. Howell had an appearance in 2022 after failing to get a start between Carson Wentz's roller coaster appearancesTaylor Heinicke. In that start, Howell completed 11 of his 19 pass attempts for 169 yards and added 35 rushing yards and a touchdown on the ground. The commanders have a good reception room withTerry McLaurin,Jahan Dotson, zCurtis Samuel, but we could add a tight end to catch the pass and strengthen the offensive line. If these games are made, we could afford to be optimistic for Howell in 2023.

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